Product Warranty 

Our company establishes cooperative relationships with manufacturers that comply with ISO/CE standards. All products are carefully examined and tested to ensure quality and safety. For any defection that occurred in the manufacturing process, we will take responsibility. For any problem related to the product, please do not disassemble them. Send the product back to us for replacement. The products sold by our company will go through a quality inspection, and the warranty book will be attached to the product (some products are not warranted). Please read it carefully. Sold products come with warranty and repair services. For repairs, please find “Contact Us” on the homepage. After we receive your message, we will contact you shortly.

Consumer Protection Act

Based on the Consumer Protection Act, products can be returned without any liability within 7 days after sales.  Consumers however will bear shipping costs. For returns, contact us first through, phone, mail, Line, etc. Send to us products in the original packaging box, along with accessories, manuals, and invoices. After returned products are examined to ensure that they are intact, we will deduct return freight and process refunds. For credit card purchases, the refund will be processed after the credit card company credits the money. This may cause some delay. For returns and exchanges of non-defective products, consumers will pay for shipping costs, and the amount will be deducted from refunds


Privacy Statement

In addition to providing you with a complete understanding of the company's products and convenient shopping environment, this website also attaches great importance to the security of your privacy, so the following relevant privacy protection statements are listed. This shopping site will not obtain the user's personal information without the user's knowledge. This website may contain links to other websites or webpages (such as links to other shopping systems). For these websites or webpages that do not belong to the company, their content or privacy policies are separately regulated by the company and have nothing to do with the company. The personal information you enter on this website is only for the purpose and scope of use described inside this website. Unless stated in advance, agreed or following the relevant laws and regulations of Taiwan, this website will never provide members' data to third parties or use them for other purposes.