Recently, the weather is very nice and the color of the sea looks fascinating.
Take the advantage of this opportunity to get close to the ocean! Here are some ideas for your information.
Feel the Sand—Beach Activities
Put on sunscreen and bring sun hade gear for a sunbath, tan your skin and enjoy your vacation! Play the sand with kids to create a fun and memorable time. Drink water and avoid strong heat. 
Observation Tour—Foreshore Activities 
The intertidal zone is rich in ecology, with many tropical fishes and small shrimps and crabs. It is an ideal place for children who love marine creatures. Be gentle with marine creatures and do not touch them with bare hands.  

Swim with Light—Snorkeling 
Floating in the sea and enjoy the scene as the sunbeams through seawater and lightens coral reef to create a vivid and colorful underwater world. What a special treat! Jellyfish is active in warm water. To prevent stings and sunburn, stay in the safe water zone and wear a rash guard or wetsuit and work with a local qualified diving instructor to ensure safety!

Dancing with Fish—Diving Activities 
The popular recreational diving activities in Taiwan are scuba diving and free diving. The whole body is immersed in the sea, surrounded by seawater and fish. It is such a treat to enjoy the underwater world. Chatting with your diving buddy on the seashore anything about diving and the sea world is also enjoyable. If you like this atmosphere, find a qualified diving instructor and begin your journey!