Hello, everyone! It is the seventh month of the lunar calendar. In the Taiwanese tradition, this month is called “the ghost month”! The older generation believes that “it is dangerous to go to the beach during this period because ghosts will take human beings’ souls before they move on to the next life.” We respect customs and prepare seven “Diving Safety Rules” to ensure your safety! 

Rule One: Do not Dive Alone and Follow Partnership Rule
We cannot predict what will happen, so it is very important to have a diving buddy. Being a buddy means entrusting our lives to each other, and taking care of each other. Before entering the water, double-check diving gear for your partner and, when completely submerged, know each other’s location and condition. Exchange experience to create good memory to mark the end of the diving journey!

Rule Two: Hiring A Local Coach in Unfamiliar Waters
Those with good driving skills still need to get familiar with new routes, not to mention the unpredictable ocean. Lack of proficient navigation skills in the water and changes in sea currents and tides can easily lead one to lose direction! With the help of a local diving coach in planning activities, one will be much safer.

Rule Three: Constantly Check the Pressure of Cylinder
The air in the cylinder is a necessity to keep one alive in the water. It is important to constantly check the pressure gauge to determine the length of the underwater stay. I witnessed several incidents where divers did not check the gauge and only had less than 5% of pressure left after they landed. The coach literally bit their heads off. Everyone’s physical condition is different. So is air consumption. When there is a diving coach leading the group, it is necessary to report correct figures on the pressure gauge so that the coach can lead the group to return in time. (Photo Sources: https://kuaibao.qq.com/s/20180302G1K9C300?refer=spider).

Rule Four: Dive Steadily and Rest Properly
During scuba diving, gas molecules inhaled into the lungs will get smaller due to water pressure. Nitrogen is easy to be absorbed into the fluids and tissues of the human body. If one suddenly rises to the surface of the water, nitrogen will not be discharged in time and bubbles will form in the body, leading to decompression sickness! Avoid descending and ascending quickly and use buoyancy techniques to move upward slowly and steadily from deep water. Rest for a while when ascending to allow gas to be discharged from the lungs. The stop length on the surface of the water will depend on how deep one dives. Consult with your instructor! 

Rule Five: Observe Marine Life and Do Not Touch
Divers can be drawn to cute and colorful marine creatures. Observe and do not touch them! Some marine organisms are poisonous and when they come into contact with the human body, it can be fatal. I once saw a photo of someone putting a blue-ringed octopus in their hands and it made me sweat. Wear a wetsuit and gloves for protection as Vibrio bacteria is active in the ocean. (Photo Source: https://www.greelane.com/da/videnskab-tech-math/dyr--natur/types-of-cephalopods-2291910/:).

Rule Six: Cleanse Dive Equipment After Use
Strong heat and sea salts can damage and erode dive equipment. If not properly maintained, the service life of the gear will be shortened, and damage will be quickly visible after one summer. Your beloved diving equipment is expensive, so take good care of them! It is important to cleanse your gear after use. If you are an OceanMAX customer, feel free to send back the product that needs repair within the warranty period. Contact us through Line or Facebook for any question that you have regarding use.   

Rule Seven: Use High-Quality and Suitable Equipment
Choose clothes of your own size. It is the same rule for choosing dive gear. A suitable set of gear will add ease and comfort to your diving experience. Many people go with brand names and good brands can mean more guarantee for quality. However, OceanMAX is experienced in R&D and design and our products are of high quality. Our company is located in Taiwan and offers hassle-free communication and maintenance services. We aim to provide the best to customers. 

Finally, summer is the season of water activities. To protect the ocean, please reduce the use of sunscreen lotion or switch to eco-friendly and ocean-friendly sunscreen products. Let’s take care of our planet!!