OceanMAX Art Design Director Wu Chun-Yen and Professor Luo Tsai-Yun with the Department of Industrial Design of Tatung University were invited by Green Island Township Office to lead seven students from the Department of Industry of Tatung University to participate in the “Green Island, Mother-and-Child Mail Drop Box Design Camp”.

Many divers are wondering why it is necessary to build another undersea mailbox, in addition to the world’s deepest “Coleman’s Pygmy Sea Horse Mail Drop”? Pygmy Sea Horse Mail Drop is located at a water depth of 11 meters under the sea in Shilang diving area to the west side of Green Island. Due to the direction of wind blow, sometimes the area is not suitable for diving. Many divers have come and are disappointed at realizing that there is nothing they can do. 

To avoid such a situation from happening again, Green Island Township Office decided to install a new underwater mail drop near the Chaikou diving area, located in the north of Green Island. Whichever the direction wind blows, divers can enjoy diving and mail underwater. What a thoughtful decision.

In addition to mail drop design activity under the sea, this article introduces postman Sam. Let’s get to know Sam a bit and his career as an underwater mail carrier. 

Come with me to know more about stories and the beauty of Green Island!!! I have been swamped with many things up to this moment and certainly look forward to seeing the beautiful blue sky!

Let’s take a look at the beauty of Green Island:

1. Asahi Hot Spring
Asahi Hot Spring is a famous hot spring under the sea with a temperature between 60-70 Celsius degrees. It is a very relaxing experience to be immersed in the underwater hot spring and watch sunrise and sunset. At night one can even enjoy the starry sky. What a life!

2. Coleman’s Pygmy Sea Horse Mail Drop
The maildrop is located at a water depth of 11 meters. It is the deepest underwater mailbox in the world and is verified by Chunghwa Post Service. 

3. Mesmerizing Scenery Under the Sea
Green Island is an ideal place for scuba diving free diving, and snorkeling. It is also rich in marine life and has clear, transparent water. This is why the Island gains popularity.

When the world is suffering pandemic, it is a blessing that the Taiwanese people are still enjoying oceanic beauty under the blue sky. We are grateful for what we have and what this land offers us!  

OceanMAX’s Art Design Director is explaining what “Green Island, Mail Drop Box Design Camp” is and giving instructions on dive equipment use so that students know the direction and find inspiration for their designs. 

Let’s welcome Sam, the famous “Underwater Mail Carrier” of Green Island!!! Our conversation and interaction with Sam indicate that he is a responsible and very dedicated postman who loves this land and wishes to promote underwater mail culture.

The moment he fell in love with Green Island, Coach Sam decided to reside here for the long term. For divers to receive postcards as soon as possible, Sam dives to collect mails once every three days on average. Even when the weather is not good, he evaluates situations and still carries out his duty as long as it is safe to do so.
Coach Sam was very nervous when he started the job. The mailbox was usually full and there were long queues. He was often caught off guard.  
Now he is experienced and handles situations easily with a change in mentality. Sam believes that he is “the postman ambassador of underwater mailbox” and should handle the task with a proactive and lively attitude. He began to wave with enthusiasm to every diver who wishes to mail a postcard. The undersea mail carrier has become a job that he is proud of. Let us give a big applause to Sam and his contributions! Say hello when you see him!

Professor Luo Tsai-Yun with Tatung University and the Representative of Green Island Township Office

I took a stroll on the beach, to relax a bit!

At the end of the day, we walked along the beach and picked up trash to protect the ocean and the planet.We were concerned about where to dump the trash and getting ready to bring them back to the hostel. Luckily, someone spotted a dumpster as we walked back to the shoreline. It is very considerable for the Township Office to have a dumpster installed here.

Dear Divers, if you see garbage, please pick it up. To keep Green Island clean and beautiful, please avoid using plastic bottles and bring the trash with you on the return journey. 

In recent years, the Island has seen swarms of tourists. This is the fifth year that Taitung County Environmental Protection Bureau has a booth to promote “Extra One Kilogram” to encourage tourists to carry the waste back to Taiwan's main island. The booth is visible right in the ship boarding area. For environmental protection and to preserve the beauty of Green Island, this is a must-do. (https://udn.com/news/story/7328/4679732).

The highlight of this trip is the diving experience on the second day. To design the mailbox, it is necessary to experience underwater scenery to get inspiration for the best design works.  

Look at students’ smiles! They were excited in listening to the instructor. Unfortunately, due to typhoons and wind, we did not dive in the Shilang area where the Pygmy Sea Horse Mail Drop is located. We only stopped and dived at Chaikou where the new mailbox will be set up to do a field survey.

After the detailed instruction, everyone is ready for the adventure! ! ! The inspirational sources of designs come from different life experiences.

I believe that joy and memories of fun diving experience and life on the island where people are so friendly and warm will provide creative sparks for students’ works.

The design team worked day and night to complete new mailbox proposals. They will go through the voting process and the result is expected to be announced next year. We look forward to it! ! !